Alternative Veterinary Therapies

CLINICS now running in PAISLEY, AYRSHIRE and LANARKSHIRE - see below for details

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is the umbrella term used to include homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture and many other forms of treatment such as reiki, shiatsu, magnet therapy etc. These all fall outside the field of modern Western conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals. Alternative Veterinary Therapies offers homeopathic, herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments for animals.

Alternative Veterinary Therapies uses a holistic approach, and treatment is tailored to the individual, taking into account the patient's current state of health, their lifestyle, diet, personality,and medical and emotional history.

Many people prefer to use CAM for themselves and their animals because they want to have a treatment which helps the body to heal itself, and which carries no risk of side effects from prescribed drugs. Conventional medicine can treat many diseases, but some individuals may not respond well, or may be allergic to the drugs used in treatment, and in some cases there may be no known cure for their condition.

CAM treatments can also be used along with conventional medicine - and can make a great difference, offering further improvement over pharmaceuticals alone, eg, acupuncture used for pain relief in an old arthritic dog already on painkillers or anti-inflammatories can improve his quality of life significantly. Patients frequently have an overall feeling of well being, especially after acupuncture.

You don't need to change your vet. You will still attend your own vet for all other conditions /treatment, and all out-of-hours emergencies. Your practice will be contacted for your pet's history, and I will liase with your own vet regarding my treatments. Your own vet will still retain overall responsibility for your pet's care.

PLEASE NOTE: - Your pet MUST have been seen by your own vet for initial investigation and diagnosis of the condition.

I am always happy to discuss cases with colleagues regarding suitability for referral, please feel free to phone /email me.


Kim's back pain made her hide in the house, and she was far less active during walks. After acupuncture, she played like a pup again and was back to normal at home.
Mrs J Lockhart & Kim

George has bad arthritis in his hips and spine, and his owner was considering having him put to sleep because of the pain. Now he is bright, happy and mobile more





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